Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How or why was I selected to be part of C4E?

You are a part of the Community for Excellence because you are receiving some sort of Partnership Award. You either applied to a scholarship, participated in a pre-college program during high school, or receiving some other sort of grant or financial aid. 

What are the benefits of being a part of the Community for Excellence?

The Community for Excellence is a fantastic community that comes with many benefits. Please check all those out here on our C4E Benefits page.

What is a Scholar Contact?

Every student is assigned their own personal Community for Excellence Scholar Contact. The Scholar Contact provides mentorship, resources, connections, and high expectations. They can provide the skills necessary to navigate college.

You will also receive connections to individuals and departments, information about workshops, tutors, and many other resources.  Your Scholar Contact is a person who wants YOU to succeed. You were admitted to CSU because we are confident you have the skills and ability to succeed. 

Who is my C4E Scholar Contact? 

Check out or staffing page here and look for your scholarship or email/call us at / 970-491-7095.

How often do I need to meet with my Scholar Contact?

How often you meet with your Scholar Contact will depend on the scholarship you are receiving. Every scholarship requires you to meet with your Scholar Contact at least once a semester. Check out more of the requirements here

What resources are available to me?

There are many resources within the Community for Excellence as well as CSU’s campus as a whole. Check out this helpful list.

What happens if I decide not to complete the commitment?

As of right now there is no way to opt out of C4E. We are excited that you are a part of this community and if you have any concerns please bring them up with your Scholar Contact.

If I do not like the Scholar Contact, can I request someone else?

At this time, you are paired to the Scholar Contact you are assigned with. If you have major concerns please contact us: / 970-491-7095.

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